Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Webster's defines utopia as "a place of ideal perfection".

Photography is my utopia.

My passion is to capture your utopia.

This is the goal I have in mind every time I pick up my camera and aim it at you, your family, your children, your wedding, your event or any other moment you wish to have captured forever.

I am a unique on-location photographer, specializing in hip, urban, outdoor locations (though I am certainly open to any and all locations whether they be indoor or outdoor!). I strive to keep our session fun, relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. I can be silly and fun, yet always remain professional.

I have a difficult time describing my photography style, as I don't feel that I shoot in any one style. I am open minded about every shot and every session brings something unique, diverse and challenging. I love to catch a creative, edgy shot, yet understand that sometimes a more traditional approach is the way to go. I am not afraid to get dirty and have been known to crawl around on the ground to get the perfect shot!

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