Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Portrait Event


Our first ever Easter Portrait Event was a huge success.
What fun we had!
Check out the Take a Peek images for all the little cuties who stopped in!

(Click "Take a Peek" above or "Portfolio" to the right.)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Take a Peek: She's Having a Baby ~ Baby P's Parents

I love living vicariously through pregnant ladies.

I've been pregnant twice, and my experiences couldn't have been more different.
I have all the children I need, so when I shoot pregnant mamas and their loving partners, I get all giddy.

Giddy for them.

Giddy for the new life they are all about to have.

Giddy for new baby smells, sounds, etc.

Babies make me giddy.

Go get giddy, take a peek at their session from today.

Also: a benefit of being a fan on facebook? This couple got their session for freeeeee. Not a fan? Become one at www.facebook.com/urbanutopiaphotography.

p.s. That last shot? The VERY last shot of the day. :) Swoon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Take a Peek: T + J {Committed to Love}

I love LOVE.

I really do.

Today, I got a shining new glimpse at love in the form of a fabulous couple. I was honored to photograph an engagement session for T & J.

They chose a wonderful location that mixed beautiful scenery, yummy texture and loads of childlike fun. Just like them.

We joked like crazy.

They poked fun at each other.

And their loves smacked you in the kisser every time they looked at each other.

That's the love I love.

Here's your peek.
They really committed to that swing photo!
Who knew that standing at the top of a slide would give me such a fun angle?

And one of my faves...in vintage black and white.

T & J: I so look forward to your special day in June. I hope you are too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Mash-up

We over at Urban Utopia Photography have been BU-SY!

And because of that, I have neglected giving my blog some love. How can I expect you to, if I don't??

Since I am still figuring out how I want to present an official newsletter to you fine folks, but I still want to get the information to you, I am going to just give you a long winded mash-up here for this month. (With hopes that April will bring a REAL newsletter your way.)

As you may have seen, we had a very successful Saint Patrick's Day event. There were tons of smiles, a few tears and a boatload of fun! We can't wait to do it again next year!

Next up is our first annual Easter Portrait Event. We have a lot of great ideas and a fantastic location to do our session this time around. More info on that session (with limited availability, so get your name on the schedule quick!):

We have a few more events I would like to give you a head's up on, with details following a little closer to the actual event. However, I want to let those who would like to get a spot, write it on their calendars!

April 24th (Saturday): Mother's Day Mini Sessions (this event will go all day!)

May 15th (Saturday): Boudoir Event (this event will go all day and night at a local hotel)

June 5th (Saturday): Father's Day Mini Sessions (this event will also go all day!)

Throw in some family sessions, cake smashes and first birthdays (along with other birthdays), maternity sessions, couples sessions and even some wedding bookings and it makes for a GREAT Spring! I am very excited. What this means for you is that if you want a session, book it SOON, as my calendar is filling up fast!

In the coming months Urban Utopia Photography will have the opportunity to participate in some charity events as well as work with a local non-profit agency. As these events are in the final stages of negotiations, I look forward to sharing them with you after the event! I am very, very excited to get to participate, donate and join a wonderful cause!

This month I got to attend the Sandy Puc Family Tour and learned so much about the photography industry as well as got the chance to meet up with some inspiring local photographers that I have met once before or have wanted to for awhile! I discovered the path I'd like my business to go down and am excited to get underway! First things first, yes? I have a friend who has a design background working on a custom logo for me...here's to hoping I don't drive him nuts deciding what I like! I am excited to finalize it and use it until you are sick of it! :)

Now that I have inundated you with information, be sure you have become a fan on facebook at www.facebook.com/urbanutopiaphotography so that I can drown you in info and Take a Peeks and session updates and contests and.......well, you get the picture!

Can't wait to shoot see you! :)


Oh Baby!

Boy am I behind!

I didn't give you a Take a Peek of these little guys, did I??

First we have Baby J, making four in this adorable household.

He wasn't a fan of the natural light at first, but he came around. He is already independent and didn't want anything to do with being posed. He was so precious I didn't mind! Well, don't take my word for it:

Then I got to have a session with the teeny tiny Baby O. He is the first child for a family dear to my heart. His mommy has watched our children for several years and watched over them on a daily basis. We did this session at my house so we had a lot of creative leeway, used a ton of props and had a good ol' time.

Remember, you can see MANY more images by clicking "Portfolio" on the right side of this website, or by becoming a fan at www.facebook.com/urbanutopiaphotography

Until next time!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Social Networking

I told myself I'd make a more concentrated effort to blog more than just Take a Peeks, and pricing and promotions...so, as that hasn't happened yet, here's a half-and-half type post!

It amazes me that just two years ago, I scoffed at just about everyone I knew that was on a social networking site (i.e. myspace, facebook, etc.). The ones that were actively using more than one??? Woooo, Doggy...they really got my scorn. And just about a year ago, I had no idea that "tweeting" was something other than what a bird did as it sat on my fence enjoying the crisp spring air.

Now? Now, I take it ALL back. I take back the doubt, the scorn and the scoffing!
Because social networking has helped me become the successful photographer that I am. I have been able to meet other photographers and become friends with some amazing people. Facebook has helped me keep up with (and in some cases, get back in contact with) old and new friends, acquaintances and family, and while often times it gives me (us?) a false sense of staying connected, it is usually better than no contact at all. And? I just plain enjoy it.

I have a personal myspace page that I don't check or even visit on a regular basis (really, I think I just need to close it). For me, Facebook is just easier to use, doesn't hurt my eyes, doesn't have random music blaring out of my speakers...and well...just feels more "adult" (gasp!).

So, friends and fans, that is where you can find me. On Facebook. Often. I update. I check in. (A lot.) I can even be found (sometimes) on Twitter.

Did you know that Urban Utopia Photography even has a Facebook fanpage?
Did you know that we do Facebook exclusive giveaways?
Don't take my word for it...go check it out! I like to know who's out there and what they would like to see, so become a UUP fan, leave me a comment or some photo love. Who knows? Maybe you'll win something!

Until next time,