Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take a Peek: {Committed to Love} S + C

Just when I think it can't get any does!

I always say what an honor and privilege it is to work with my clients. Often, these words are "starter" words, because the ones that cover exactly how I feel about these sessions escape me.

Today was one of those sessions.

It started off like this:
There was some of this in the middle:

And ended with this:

Curious how she ended up completely soaking wet?

Well, it turns out Miss S has a bit of a spunky side. She had no qualms about jumping headlong into the icy 13 degree Puget Sound. We started off with their feet in the water, and when Mr. C couldn't take anymore and bailed from the water, she showed us she wasn't done. Nor was she kidding. A mermaid escaped, swam and gave me some of the most amazing shots!
I can't wait for their wedding! I can only imagine what is in store for these two.
Their loves shines through in the way they look at each other, look for each other and live to love one another. So much love and luck is wished for them!

Thank you from the bottom of my still-beating-wildly heart!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Take a Peek: She's Having a Baby ~ The X Family

Some experiences are just moving. Some sessions are just special.

Today gave me both of these. One moving, special session.

A couple months ago, I offered a free maternity session on my facebook page. Since I had two expecting mothers reply to this request, I decided that I would work with both of them.

And this decision couldn't have worked out better!

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the beautifully sweet X Family. The three of them will be welcoming a new baby girl the first week of May, and they couldn't be more ready, big brother included.

It's no secret that I cry at weddings...but at a maternity session? Today was a first. But you'll have to wait until later to see the one that brought me to misty eyes. :)

Until then..enjoy these.

X Family: Thank you.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As promised, Urban Utopia Photography is now offering Mother's Day mini sessions! Times are going fast, so get on the calendar!

How long has it been since you've done pictures with your mother? Grandmother? Daughter and/or son? Your pet?
A session devoted to this special relationship is always a fabulous thing!

Book your session now, before times are taken! (Contact info listed to the right of this post.)

All selections made prior to April 30th are guaranteed for Mother's Day. What a great gift this would make!

Here are the event details:

***The next mini session event will be for Father's Day, so don't feel left out dads!