Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fan-Photog-Tastic Day Out

In the journey to mainstream my photography business and become "legitimate" in my own eyes, (which let's face it, is often harder than you might know) I have begun to form relationships with what I am beginning to believe are my "peers". Other photographers. I am forming non-competitive relationships with them; and I LOVE it. I love that we can "talk shop" and I don't feel like I am conversing with the "enemy". We are able to let our defenses down, trust one another, learn from one another and just have fun.

The biggest part of this, for me, was the trust part. By nature, I don't naturally trust others. And don't even get me started on the "not seeing value in my work" and "selling myself short". But these women have shown me that it is safe to let my defenses down, and I thank them for it. These relationships are invaluable to me. I hope they know just how much they mean in my world and how lucky I feel to know them.

So, on a lighter note (didn't originally intend to get so deep on ya!)...ahem...

My now-friends and fellow photographers, Kara, owner of Kara Rue Photography, and Brea, owner of CYE Photography decided we'd should quit talkin' about it and actually plan a photography playdate. We brought our kids and cameras and met up at Discovery Park in Seattle. Not to be deterred by the fact that the park was under renovation and several parts of it were unavailable to us, we found exactly what we were looking for.
An over grown field.
That was yummily warm and inviting, and even had a fence at one end.

We turned our kids loose and just roamed around, trying this, attempting that, comparing f-stops and ISOs and tips and even some "ooohs" and "aah, you got something way better than I did!" as we clicked away happily.

The kids certainly earned the playground time. They were cooperative and wonderful and sweet! All six of them-ranging from twelve years old to just under a year old. Amazing children.

And with are some images from the day. To see more of my images, go here or here. (Brea's and Kara's images can be found by clicking their company names above.)

And at the end I even handed my camera off to my tween so she could get us being SUPER PROFESSIONAL.

In the name of full disclosure...there was all that sweetness I described above, but then there was some of this...

Running away, falling down, wailing, chillin' and kickin' back in the grass.

We moms with cameras will go to just about ANY length to get the shot. As you'll see below. But it was ALL worth it. :)

I told you it was worth it!
Thanks again, girls.
When Miss Brea gets an idea in her head, she will not back down. When she says "jump" you say "how high?" :) With love, of course. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Girl and her Violin ~ [Mukilteo Lifestyle Photographer]

We found a field.

We found some amazing light.

I had an amazing girl, a chair and a violin.

How could this NOT end fabulously?

Pretty darn fabulous if you ask me.

Do you, or your child/neice/grandchild/cousin play an instrument? Send them my way. I would LOVE to do more of these!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Take a Peek: The L Family [Lynnwood Family Photographer]

It's been some time since I gave you a Take a Peek into a session here on the blog.

This wonderful family let me hang out with them at a local park this morning. What a great way to start my day!

The brother goes to preschool with my little guy and I have been itching since January to photograph them all!

We had a great time running, jumping and exploring. Mom has a great eye and can spot squirrels and woodpeckers like nobody's business! Her beautiful kids have inherited that skill as well.

Aren't they ADORABLE!?!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th on the 9th

I'm behind on blogging. No surprise there, eh? At least my clients get their galleries, images and prints early or on goal at a time, yes? ;)

But that's okay; it means I'm busy!
It means that people trust me with their families most treasured moments.

Here are a few of MY family's treasured moments from this 4th of July. I hope you got to spend it being thankful for our freedom and your family.
My wonderful husband humored me (and truly, I think he just wanted to be part of the fun) by participating in my first attempt at the firework trick you see up there. :) It was fun. And I'm glad I read that wonderful tutorial (can't remember which fellow photog posted it now though-sorry!) just before heading out to celebrate the 4th!
Happy July everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Short Update

Hi there!
I know, I's been awhile...too long, really.
My sincerest apologies for my absence...but I've been. B.U.S.Y.!

A little of what I've been up to...(and remember, you can always see what I'm up to by clicking "portfolio" on the right side of this site, as well as on facebook!)

Busy girl!
(Wow, this really puts things in perspective. I am not used to seeing this all together in one place!)
In other news, Urban Utopia Photography will be undergoing lots of changes this summer, if everything goes as I see it in my very full imagination. Among the changes are a new website (a real one), logo, branding, prices and packages and even some new fun adventures!
Get your summer sessions on my calendar quickly before the dates are snagged.
Also, over on facebook I am running a Twilight inspired special! Usually, facebook specials are exclusive to facebook "likers" only, but in this case, I'm going to make an exception!
With the release of Eclipse, I am offering up limited amounts of Twilight-esque sessions. I'll even help you with styling (for free!) and you can add on professional makeup for a low additional fee. For $75 you get an hour to an hour and a half of photography and a mini book with images from your session. Sounds glittery and fabulous, doesn't it? Get your Twilight on, and send me an email for available dates!
Until next time (which should be in the not too distant future, because I have many other sessions and events and fun to show you!)....